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Find Mistress Jessica’s most recent posts to her femdom blog below, Mistress Jessica writes about her adventures with a male maoschist slave, his humiliation and degradation and experiences with male exposure kink and other BDSM slave control and whatever else may come to her mind, sometimes just random fun stuff too, take a look!

If your a Dominant Male or Female & want to have some controlling fun with my male slave such as food control, or online humiliation or if you want some fresh photos to humiliate and expose my slave, don’t hesitate to contact Jessica.

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Male chastity

male chastity I love seeing a cock locked in a cage nice and snug, I am a firm beleiver in keeping male slaves in chastity as much as possible, and to cum as little as possible, the longer duration between orgasms the better. In my experience males are more obedient when they have their cocks…

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Sexual Tattoos

Sexual Tattoos Erotic & Sexual Tattoos The thought of body modification and my slave is an idea that turns me on and interests me, its not something my slave and I have explored yet, and this post is well fantasy more than anything else, however fantasy thoughts are still fun to write about, and can…

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slave can also be found on telegram if you want to contact him directly for some humiliation or degradation, feel free to show him how pathetic of a loser he is. I am always looking for new bdsm telegram groups, so if you know of any good ones, let me know.

Don’t forget to check out the slave photo gallery page where all of his videos and photos are located in addition you will find a short bio about my slave on his photo page in addition to other information regarding his exposure and humiliation and how you can further his exposure and maximize the degrading and humiliating experience for my loser slave, after all slaves like him and here to serve us Dominants both Male and Females and of course to provide some amusement, nothing like a pathetic loser slaves begging for attention and willing to be fully exposed to get it, such is life for a male slave.

All photos and videos of my slave are copy right free and you may further his exposure and humiliation by sharing any photos or videos on other adults sites and exposure groups, and always feel free to leave a comment with any links if you do, or if you happen across this slave on other sites let me know as well, I really enjoy seeing his exposure and humiliation grow as others expose him as well, this slave deserves maximum exposure and humiliation that he asked for and craves.

No worries about slave Justin though, he has consented to this and is fully aware of his exposure on this site, fully aware others may save and share his photos and videos, and understands that once on the internet always on the internet, in addition he even signed a consent and release form in which he releases all rights to the photos and videos he provides to me, together we can maximize slave Justin’s exposure, humiliation and make it the most degrading experience for a male slave.

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You can even find this losers videos and some photos on xhamster, he is finally getting around the net more and more by the day, I love seeing my slave loser exposed.